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PIan for Returning to Worship June 21, 2020

Operating under the direction of state and episcopal guidelines, Trinity is set to open Phase One of returning to worship on June 21, 2020.  We want to make you aware of some important precautions that must be in place to assure everyone who decides to return to worship on that date is safe.  Our main concern is the safety of our congregation.

 1.  We do not expect everyone to return to worship on June 21.

     If you are at high risk for underlying conditions related to COVID-19, please stay home.  When to return to

     worship in the building is an individual decision.  We expect many of you will choose to stay home for                   several more weeks.


2.   There will be limited seating capacity to ensure social distancing.

      Once we have reached capacity, the doors will close and we will not allow any more people in the building.

3.   Everyone except those performing and speaking will be required to wear a mask.

      We will have masks available at the door.  Hand sanitizer stations will be available in several locations.


4.   Everyone will have their temperatures checked at the door upon arrival.

      Anyone with an abnormal temperature will be asked to return home.

5.   Front entry doors will open at 9:30 am.  Parking in the front lot only.

      No one will be allowed to enter any earlier than 9:30 am unless they are speaking, performing, or setting              up for the service.  No entry through the back parking lot doors. Only the main bathrooms will be available          for use. Only certain areas of the church will be open to the public.

6.   There will be no greeters, no coffee, and no donuts served during Phase One.

       go directly to your seat in the worship space.  Seating will be arranged to maintain social              distancing, with chairs for individuals and couples, round tables for families.  Please maintain social                      distancing at a minimum of 6 feet.  No hugging or hand shaking.


7.   There will be no children's ministry during service under Phase One.

      Parents are invited to keep their children with them during the service.  Parents will need to monitor their 

      their children to ensure social distancing.


8.   The service will be shorter and the offering will be received at a designated Exit upon leaving.

      Dismissal will be in sections and you will be expected to immediately exit the building.

9.   Each week the church will be thoroughly sanitized prior to and after worship.


We are excited to return to worship, but we want to stress the importance of making sure everyone who attends feels safe and that the guidelines are being practiced.  If you are attending worship. we hope you will diligently practice these guidelines for the safety of everyone.

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